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Sunday rewind

This week's Announcements 7/19

  • PRAYERFULLY….everyone has received an “August Update” for our services.  This is “Couples Month” and our “married duos” will be participating throughout the month in various capacities.  We’re asking the entire church to continue to pray for their unions.

  • NEW COMMANDMENT….will be assisting two churches in their ministry to the homeless during this pandemic.  Those churches are the St. Paul Christian Community Church and the Galatians Baptist Church, both Located in northeast DC.  We will be sharing goods with them thru our partnership with Project Bridges.

  • OUR BIBLE STUDY…. to all who joined the church family for our Wednesday Bible Study this past week.  Our subject was one we are all familiar with and that is “temptation!”  Some of our members were “tempted” not to join us and yielded to that temptation.  We learned of Jesus’ response to temptation (that is Satan directed) which ought to be our response whenever we are met with it.  Are you a good “family member?”  Join us this Wednesday at 7:30 PM to see what God will say to us again!

  • ARE YOU GUILTY….of sharing the information regarding our weekly services and how to make contact with us through our website and through Facebook?  Then GREAT!  That is exactly what the Lord wants you to do!  As we attract new persons, our ministry grows “virtually.”

  • YOUR TTHES & OFFERINGS ARE IMPORTANT!....Use GIVELIFY or mail them to NCBC, 6239 Audubon Dr., Columbia, MD.  21044

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